Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Attention: All people consumed by their anger!

"How to Transform the Deadly Effects of Your Anger and Raging Emotions Into an Extremely Positive Experience"

Anger cripples. Anger hurts.

But most of all, anger can break people apart.

We have created a very powerful audio/eBook package that allows you to whisk away anger at a tiny fraction of the cost incurred when you visit a therapeutic expert. You can be your own psychiatrist and handle your anger in the same way that professionals do!

All these techniques will be available to you through the audio/eBook package entitled Ripping Loose or Calming Down? A Guide to Anger Management.

With this audio/eBook package at hand, there's no need to vent out anger in a non-constructive way. From here on, you'd be able to make the most out of this rather negative feeling. It can even make you a better person! Plus, you can be the peacemaker for all the people around you.

For more snippets on this book, visit http://www.wealthinspiredbooks.com
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